"let the beauty of what you love, Be what you do" - Rumi -

Yam Flow

"Yamuna is a warm and compassionate person,
who truly cares for her students."

Yam Flow Biography

Yamuna has been immersed in Yoga for most of her life. She grew up in a Yogi family with an Indian Father & an English mother who taught her everything about Spirituality & India. She qualified as a Yoga teacher in London with “ Teach Yoga “ Hatha yoga (200 hours) with an 18 month course and continued to also become an Acroyoga teacher in Greece and went on to do her Level two and become a Lunar Immersion Teacher. Yamuna is also a Qualified & experienced therapist offering a deep tissue modality called “ Alchemy of Touch” she has given sessions during her retreats & trainings and loves to offer Healing Touch to bring peace and compassion to her clients.

vinyasa flow

Yam Flow

Hatha Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic and holistic style of yoga, Yamuna uses her experience in various styles of healing & combines movements, poses, breathing and relaxation to give her students a unique journey through body, mind & Soul.

my yoga
Acroyoga combines the fitness & play of acrobatics, the healing & movement of therapeutics and the balance & connection of yoga. It is a unique practice with Acrobatics, Yoga & Thai massage.









Body Treatments

Welcome to the magical world of body treatments. Yamuna is offering unique treatment specially designed to feel comfortable and relaxing.Yamuna is capable to merge her gifts with the techinques achived along her deep expertise.

Thai Yoga Massage

I have found a beautiful way to enrich the Traditional Thai Yoga. Blending different healing arts together, such as Osteo-Thai, Dynamic Thai which affects directly the nervous system, encouraging Qi (Energy) to flow freely throughout the body and mind.

Alchemy of Touch

Alchemy of Touch is a dynamic & poetic form of transformational bodywork. It is designed to elevate massage, bodywork and healing to a new level by harmonizing both musculoskeletal and energetic techniques from many different Eastern-Western modalities.

Unique & Special Retreats & Trainings

“If the light is in your heart, you will find your way home.”

200 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings

Yamuna’s Yoga teacher trainings are well know to be one of kind experiences providing an opportunity to deeply enrich your practice and understanding of Yoga. Thanks to her Indian roots, expertise, wisdom, experience, kow-how, continuing professional-individual self-growth, she has achieved a great capacity to share and flow with authenticity. Thanks to her love for Yoga “Yuj” "Union", she can connect to the soul of each human being and their individual needs, goals and wishes. Her unique & comprehensive YTT will give you a strong foundation for Yoga and with her guidance she will help you to bring your own expression of Yoga to the "real world ". This is an incredibly transformative experience. Prepare to be wowed.

50 hour Continuing Education Modules

Yamuna passionately believes in continuing education and that the best students are the best teachers. We never stop learning, growing as human beings and Yoga teachers and she is very much committed to the maintenance of high standards in Yoga instruction. For this reason, she is continuously creating 50 Hour teacher development programs all around the world, based on her wisdom and experience. As an expert Yoga Teacher, she is able to support and help to deepen the needs of both advanced and beginner Yoga instructors. This is an amazing opportunity to nourish your passion, find true support and mentorship. She has supported Yoga teachers journeys for many years and it’s a important part of her life.

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