Yoga & Dance India

Kala-Keli Movemnts of Arts Goa, India

Daily Yoga classes & Massages for dancer & participants of the event.

Yamflow in Italy 23

Studio Policrea di Caiti Roberto Via Gramsci 12/a, Cavriago, Reggio Emilia, Italy

Treatments, Massages & Workshops for everyone who wants to experience Yamflow style.

Yoga & Massage host in Mexico

Playa Viva Juluchuca, Zihuatanejo, Playa Icacos, Playa Icacos, Mexico

Full service of Yoga Classes, Treatments and Massages in unique Eco Luxury destination, Playa Viva has something for everyone. You and your loved ones will enjoy the rugged, unspoiled beauty of Mexico in the guilt-free luxury of an environmentally conscious resort dedicated to sustainability and regenerative practices. Choose from among 19 eco-luxury rooms, each with […]